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ID 413 - Group Project

Identify narratives/aspects/issues that you want to explore and highlight through visualization of data from any India-specific dataset or datatsets. Identify datasets which when visualized with other datasets offer the greatest potential for an unique, surprising or hitherto unavailable point of view.

You will analyse this data, extract relationships, discover interesting patterns and hopefully communicate an insightful story through an interactive visualization. You will work in small teams (of 2, 3 or 4) to complete this project over the rest of the semester. You will be using d3.js (or any other suitable tool) to implement your interactive visualization. Refer to the d3 & data resources below.


Group 1: Funding for startups in India.
Rahul Jain, Vaibhav, Sharad Yadav, Rohit Kumar.

Group 2: Education Vs. caste demographics / crime & police precincts.
Akhil, Oliver, Barghav, Deepak K.

Group 3: Mithilesh, Pawan.
Domain: Integrated Child Development Scheme in Maharashtra.
ICDS is one of the biggest active community based schemes. The scheme has been around since 1975 and still running with the sole purpose to raise the health and nutritional level of poor Indian children below 6 years of age. It has been 40 years but still India is struggling with malnutrition problem. We intent to visualize ICDS data for the state of Maharashtra and try to get
Data Source: ICDS Maharashtra Monthly Progress report

Group 4: Mayuresh, Somesh Yadav, Ramsagar.
Domain: Travel to Europe
Questions that we pose
- How much does it cost to travel to Europe? For different individuals and settings e.g. solo v/s group travel
- Broad types of expenses, experiences and their correlations with geography, time, activity, etc.
- Drawing trends and insights from this data. Understanding how and where can expenses be minimised
Data sources: Personal data (From Mayuresh's previous trip to Europe). More data to be collected in March-end (When Somesh visits Europe)

Group 5: TBD.
Rohan Jain, Shashanka, Saideep, Ratan.

Group 6: TBD.
Pranay D, Kiran Y.

Group 7: Pranay J, Jiten, Ajit.
Domain: Access of technology in India - electricity, internet etc.

Group 8: TBD.
Pritam Roy, Tathagata.

Group 9: Tanamay, Ashrith, Niklesh.
Domain: Tourism in India
We plan to make our data visualization project on Tourism in India. We want to analyze the year wise distribution of the number of tourists coming to India from different countries and also state-wise distribution. The tourism data has been made publicly available online by the Government of India. We further want to show the revenue generated by the tourism industry and compare it with other sectors. Lastly, we plan to investigate the reasons for growth/ decline of the tourism industry state-wise/ overall.

Group 10: Mumbai Traffic.
Ranveer, Mihir, Ishan.

Group 11: TBD.
Venkata Gangadhar, Gokul, Saikiran.

Group 12: Zaher, Nitesh Mali, Chintapalli Abhishek.
Domain: Quantifying and Visualizing Mumbai Lifestyle
OVERVIEW: Lifestyle of a location is determined by various factors. For example: Infrastructure, connectivity, income levels,proximity to luxury elements like Parks, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Schools etc. These parameters are too obscure to be quantitatively represented. The project aims to come up with an algorithm that shall generate an index for any location in Mumbai city that shall quantitatively reflect the lifestyle of the location. These indexes generated over a large number of locations in Mumbai, can then be mapped as a choropleth.
1. Probe location specific data from API s like Google Maps - Eg: restaurants, shopping outlets, public spaces, homes, apartments etc.
2. Combine them with data from other APIs like instagram, zomato, tripadvisor, facebook etc. Say number of photos taken at a location or ratings of a restaurant
3. Design an algorithm that shall effectively abstract all these data points into an index
4. Visualize the index

Project Resources

D3 resources
D3 Official
Mike Bostock
D3 Examples
Scott Murray's D3 Book
Dashing D3 (Mailing list & resources)
Other Resources
A comprehensive list of dataviz tools
Visualization Types
Advanced Excel Skills
A curated list of data visualizations frameworks, libraries and software
India specific data
Open Government Data (OGD) Platform India
National Portal of India
UIDAI: Aadhaar Meta Data, Enrolment details
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Home: Survey of India
Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India
India | Economic Indicators
Welcome to Homepage of Planning Commission
India Map, Map of India
Gateway to Indian Earth Observation
Transparency International - Country Profiles
India | Data (World Bank)
UN Data
Geographic data - OpenStreetMap
DataMeet Community contributed datasets in India
Datasets of Bangalore City: Open Bangalore - Data Repository
Transport Data of Mumbai: ChaloBEST
Datasets of Chennai: Transparent Chennai


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