Information Design Lab

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Visual Design for Interactive Systems

Instructor: Prof. Venkatesh Rajamanickam

Course duration: 2weeks

Course structure: VDIS course structure (PDF)

Student Assignments

Assignment 1: Physical Visualisation of data

The Assignment was to visualise any kind of data in 3 dimensional space which cannot be represented in 2D space.

Assignment 2: Creating Infographics from the data of General Elections 2014

300 parties, 8000 candidates, 800 Million voters, 1 Million booths served by 20 Million officials. I with variety of structured & unstructured information –party performances, candidate histories, crime records, declared assets and historical trends. Identify narratives/aspects/issues that you want to explore and highlight through visualization of data from the general elections 2014. Gather and analyse relevant data to identify a data set with the greatest potential for an unique, surprising or hitherto unavailable point of view. Parse, filter, represent and refine to create a static visualization.

Assignment 3: 'Unhack' mobile app- Designing an android application for phone security

The assignment was designed to go through the entire process of mobile application development. The development process included designing information architecture, wireframing, low fidelity prototypes, high fidelity prototypes and the final application screens.


You can reach Prof. Venkatesh Rajamanickam via email