Exploring 2017 UP Assembly Election Results

Arihant Parsoya, Manas Sharma and Venkatesh Rajamanickam

1. Victory Margins

The story of the 17th Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly is the story of Bharatiya Janata Party's victory by an overwhelming three-quarter majority of 325 seats in the 403 seat assembly. The incumbent was the Samajwadi Party under the leadership of the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav who formed a coalition with Rahul Gandhi's Indian National Congress. Bahujan Samajwadi Party lead by the former Chief Minister Mayawati formed the third front. In a series of visualizations we explore the various dimensions of BJP's victory.

How to read

2017 Margin Map

Percentage Votes

The chart and the linked map show the margin of victory in each of the 403 constituencies over the last 3 assembly elections. Hover mouse cursor over the dots in the chart or constituencies to see the votes polled by the winner and the runner up, and the margin of victory. You can also select a constituency through the pull-down menu or enter the name directly. Toggle between the votes and percentage of the margins of victory.

Party Colors


Map Legend


2. Voter Turnout

In this set of five linked charts, we explore the relationship between voter turn out and party performance over the last three elections. The turn out has been steadily increasing since 2007 which recorded only 45.96%. The 2012 elections recorded 59.40% and 2017 recorded 61% (the precise percentage still awaited from ECI).


3. Party Performance in "Muslim" Constituencies

We wanted to see how the parties fared in what are considered "Muslim" constituencies. That is, constituencies where there is a substantial Muslim population and hence there is a good chance for a Muslim candidate to win (assuming voters generally tend to vote along caste and community lines). To identify such constituencies, we applied the following 2 conditions: a. if both SP/INC and BSP fielded a Muslim candidate, and b. if the sitting MLA was a Muslim.

We show in two maps side-by-side, the performance of the parties in the 2017 elections these constituencies. The map on the left shows constituencies where the sitting MLA was a Muslim in the previous assembly.


4. Party Performance in SC, Women and Muslim Constituencies

In this visualization, we show the comparison of the number of constituencies that parties have won in the reserved SC constituencies (UP assembly has no ST constituencies), and the number of women MLAs and Muslim MLAs that the parties have managed to send to the Legislative Assembly over the last three elections.


Category Colors

      SC and Female
      Female and Muslim


About the data

The analysis and visualization is made from datasets from the Election Commision of India. The analysis or transformation of data presented here should not be attributed to the ECI or the Indian Government.

Created at: Information Design Lab IDC IIT Bombay

Published on: 25 March 2017